When I first started running I was introduced to parkrun. At the time there was not many around Cape Town but now there are so many around there is bound to be one in your neighborhood. Root 44 was just around the corner and perfect location to get the running shoes dirty.

I remember that day as if it was yesterday. I struggled. I huffed. I puffed. I felt like I was going to fall over when I crossed the line. I got home and my legs were sore. My muscles ached for 2 or 3 days after that.

After that I knew I had to start running more regularly. I started jogging at work at lunch time about 4km twice a week. That back then was bloody far! For some reason, I never attempted the parkrun again until 7 months later!?! Not even sure why.
The day I ran it again I managed to hit under 35 minutes which felt great. From that day I had a goal in mind, sub 30. Weekend after weekend I tried to get there but it just seemed impossible. That hill was a killer. That hill was the one thing in the way of my goal. It was frustrating. 3 months later it happened. SUB 30! It felt like AMAZING! Once you break that barrier it make the next ones so much easier. It’s a mental thing for me.
The next goal is sub 25. Yes, IS still sub 25. I tried for most of that year and kept on being 30 seconds short. Why? THAT FRIKKING HILL. I was slow on hills. Hills are my achilles heel right now. I have not been again to parkrun since. Why you ask? This is for another post, but all I can say is, Trail Run events.

I managed to actually go to Root 44 parkrun this past Saturday and I was hoping to attempt the sub 25. I should have gotten it, but because we were late, there were at least 700 other people in front of me. One thing I did notice was, I MADE THAT HILL MY BITCH. Legs are WAAAY stronger from all the training I have put in the past couple of months. I am confidant if I arrive early at the next parkrun I attend, I WILL be able to get a sub 25.

Comparison of my first Root 44 parkrun to the latest parkrun.