KFM Gun Run 2017 :: Breaking PRs

Not the best video, lots of the footage came out horrible with camera angles and just was focused on the run rather than holding the camera. anyhoooo
KFM Gun Run was only my second half marathon of the year.
Aimed to do sub 1:40 but with me being sick most of the last 2 months I had done no speed training and just had to rely on my endurance.
I eventually just decided I would be happy with a sub 1:45 or even my sub 1:50 from last year’s Gun Run.
In the end I broke my half marathon PR by more than 5 minutes which I am stoked with!
It was a fun day out there and felt REALLY good. Who knows what would of happened if my training was there.

Next up is the Blueboost Winelands Marathon which I am using to qualify for next year’s Two Oceans Marathon Ultra which is 56km.
It is also my chance to get sub 4 hours which I could not get in my first marathon last year. This will only be my second marathon.