Hi, my name is Geoffrey and I am addicted to running. Well, more addicted to get out there on the trails and enjoying a run or cycle in the beautiful winelands or mountain regions. I started this blog to share my thoughts, experiences and advice that I have or will pick up on the way.
It all started about 2 years ago when my wife said to me I should start running with her. I told her I hated running and won’t enjoy it. I was a couch potato, over weight, at close to 110kg, and would rather sit in front of the computer or TV than run. What was the point really?
She finally convinced me one Saturday morning to do a parkrun at Root44 in Stellenbosch for which I even bought a pair of New Balance 610 trail shoes. Yes, I enjoyed it. It was nothing like I experienced before. The crowd, the trail, it was nothing like a treadmill. Pretty much after that I went to parkruns and that is where I fell in love with running.
A few months later a buddy and I decided to train together and get some motivation going. We started off very small with 5km or 6km of intervals. 5 minutes of jogging and 1 minute walk and repeat.
January 2015 I did my first official race. March I did my first 10km race. September I did my first half marathon on the road and on the trail. Last year was the year of firsts. This year I am focusing on getting a faster pace and holding that pace for longer distances.
This is the year of pushing myself. This is the year I do my first marathon!