Club Time Trial :: Trail Run Workshop

Longer Video instead of breaking it up into two this week.
This week was a busy one and didn’t get the time to make two videos.
Monday was Helderberg Social Farm Run again.
Tuesday went to Strand Athletic Club time trial where I did the 4km loop in 16:40 and forgot to take the GoPro with because I was in a rush.
Wednesday went to a Trail Run Workshop hosted by Christiaan and Landie Greyling at Delvera.
Thursday went for a short run as well as made some supper.
Friday is supposed to be a rest day but I wanted to run but then stuck to rest and instead made burgers.
Saturday was long run but only did 13km with about 500m elevation. We were going to do 17km but we had to end it short.

Not much running this week and only managed 30km and hoping for a 10km on Sunday.