2017 in a nutshell

2017 started out with a big goal of wanting to do 2000km of running for the year.

sadly I only managed to do 1700km. There were some really tough months of being sick and December was the worst month of running so I just decided to give in to that and let December be the month to rest and reflect and as a matter of fact, 2017 was a decent year for me.

Here are just some highlights for the year that I am super chuffed about:

Xterra – First Triathlon

I was not mentally prepared for this today but what an awesome experience for my first triathlon event! @fedhealthmed @xterrasa you guys were awesome! The marshals, the life guards, amazing organization and even all the fans on the side! Especially the little kids high fiveing you coming into the racing village. The swim was nerve wrecking with the waves making me swallow huge amounts of water which I had to ask for some assistance. Beginner of note in the water. I managed to stub one of my smaller toes on a rock but the adrenaline made me go on but once finishing the event it was as huge as my big toe! The bike was a nice long hilly incline with very fast downhills. I ran in my @capespca shirt and I enjoyed the run! Despite the queues of people on the single tracks in both the bike and run legs I finished strong and hard from the last water point and managed 2 hours and 4 minutes which I will take any day with what has happened this weekend. Will definitely be back next year! Training will have to take a back seat until this toe is healed —————————- #xterra #fitness #tri #triathlon #beataverage #wantitmore #nevergiveup #fedhealth #injury #xterralite #xterrawarrior #garminfenix3 #garmin #salomon #merida #spca #runforanimals #healthy #race

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Two Oceans Half Marathon – sub 1:50 PB

Starting off with standing in the bathroom queue for 45min and then missing the Seed C start AND then also missing the Seed D start I had a bit of a challenge ahead as I was 5 minutes behind Seed D start already. Got stuck behind the Seed D and C slow people and was hard trying to get past people. Also helped a few people who tripped to make sure they were ok. Once I got my rhythm and groove I managed to get into an awesome zone! Pushed through and managed to finish strong. Even though for the bad start, still managed to do a PR half marathon of 1:47! I'm super stoked regardless of not getting my target of sub 1:45! ——————————————– #run #loverunning #running #runnersofinstagram #hokaoneone #hoka #hokaclifton3 #garmin #garminfenix3 #omtom2017 #omtom #fitness #goals #challenges #beataverage #timetofly #wantitmore #nevergiveup #spca #capeofgoodhopespca #runforanimals #strava #stravarun #rwchallenge2017

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Mountain Challenge Extreme Series

Gun Run sub – 1:45 PB

Before the @gunrunsa I originally had 1:40 as a time for my goal but with being sick and not a lot of training I settled for the next best thing of 1:45. Went with the sub 1:45 bus for about 2km then I settled into my own rhythm. Which seemed to be between the two. Was focusing on negative split and I think it worked well. I took the GoPro with and did some videos on the route which may also have taken off some time. One or two other sections Iost time due to the officials letting cars cross the road 🙈 In the end I am stoked with how it went. Nutrition seemed better, still walked a couple of spots but still managed a half marathon PR by about 5 minutes! 🙌🏻 Must be the @hokaoneone Clifton shoes making me fly! Great seeing so many familiar faces and ran into people who I haven’t seen in ages! Thanks for all the support! Means a lot! Let me know what you did this weekend! 🤙🏻 . . . #gunrun #gunrun2017 #running #timetofly #breakingprs #pushyourlimits #beataverage #halfmarathon #hoka #hokaoneone #clifton #spca #run4wildlife #run4animals #capeofgoodhopespca

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Winelands Marathon – Qualified for Two Ocean Ultra

Main goal for the @blueboostsa Winelands Marathon today was to qualify for @2oceansmarathon Ultra next year. It did not come easy for me today. I will be posting a video of the run and maybe a post analysis. I felt so good for the first 12km, nice rhythm but then that’s where things went south. I’ve never experienced the ‘need the bathroom’ experience in my life on a run. That was the most uncomfortable 23km I’ve ever had. I knew Once that happened I would struggle to even manage sub 5! With 7km to go someone was clearly looking out for me! After that break, feeling much better, the sub 5 bus had snuck past me but it was easy sticks until the end. I took it easy to the finish knowing my goal had been reached! This year I’ve really played around with the close cutoffs!!! If it were not for that break I would have been toast! Just because you don’t break PRs or you have a tough day, enjoying the atmosphere and running with other people is priceless. I saw and chatted to so many wonderful people out there and it inspires me! This one guy runs barefoot! 13 Two Oceans Ultra Marathon BAREFOOT! This is one of the reasons I love running! . . . #marathon #blueboost #winelands #winelandsmarathon #loverunning #dugdeep #hoka #hokaoneone #hokaoneoneza #clifton3 #flying #timetofly #stellenbosch #runninginspires #sub5 #tailwind #tailwindnutrition #tailwindnutrionasia

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There are even bigger things for 2018 and training starts tomorrow!

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