Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge 2017

I took some footage of the beautiful trails and mountains at Jonkershoek in Stellenbosch while doing the 38km Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge.
While I was enjoying taking videos, I had to keep an eye on the watch as the cut off time was 7 hours and 30 minutes. I barely made it with 5 minutes to spare.… Read More

RACE: Standard Bank Duo Challenge #2

The Standard Bank Duo Challenge was not on my top list of events do to right now but I have not been on the bike in a while but I got convinced to do it regardless. After the fall at the Salomon Bastile Trail Run last weekend, I was not sure I would be fit enough for it. Thursday I went to pilates class and the knee felt ok so I reckoned that it would be 100% for the challenge. … Read More

RACE: Dirtopia Wine Adventure Trail Run

Since the last Dirtopia event 2 weeks ago, I managed to picked up cold and was unable to run for more than a week! I was getting serious FOMO seeing my Strava and with a couple of events still coming up this month I was not impressed about getting sick so I had to get better quickly! Thank goodness I recovered just in time for the Dirtopia Wine Adventure Trail Run at Warwick Wine Estate! With the Bastille Trail Run … Read More

RACE: Dirtopia Mid Year Trail Run

Dirtopia Mid Year Trail Run was next on the calendar, well Spookhill was, but more on that in a bit. Muratie was the venue and it’s been a while since I ran this trail, September to be exact. Earlier this year there were fires in that region and most of the trails and trees got destroyed, so the trail was closed until it was rebuilt. I had a run on Tuesday evening and I felt my knee act up a … Read More

RACE: Dirtopia Youth Day Trail Run

Dirtopia Youth Day Trail Run happens every year on Youth Day and it promised to be a packed one with entries already sold out even before the entries closed. This year it was being hosted at Delvera with Sportsmanswarehouse as the sponsor. Delvera Trail Run is the bigger one with regards to the amount of distances to choose from. 5km, 7.5km, 12.5km and a 15km. So there is a distance for everyone from beginner to much fitter people. I usually … Read More

RACE: Dirtopia Change of Season Trail Run

Waking up for the Dirtopia Change of Season Trail Run this morning was a bit of a mission. It was cold and misty and the bed seemed to be the best spot. Thank goodness the event was just down the road, about a 10 minute drive, which meant we could leave a little bit later than usual, but they were expecting a lot more people there as it was being hosted at a new wine farm so leaving a bit … Read More

RACE: STF Bartinney2Bartinney Extreme

STF Bartinney2Bartinney is one of those trail runs where you need to rock up prepared. I for one was not prepared as much as I thought I was. Gym on Wednesday killed my legs and I felt it today. Rookie mistake for not checking out the profile before the week’s gym sessions. Saturday my legs were still fragile and I even went to parkrun to see if maybe giving them some stretches would help and it worked, or so I … Read More

Race: Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge Lite

At the beginning of this year I made a list of Trail Runs I would love to do and I began drafting a bucket list. The Mountain Challenge Series was definitely on that list, so when entries opened I immediately registered for the whole series. Unlike any other “normal” Trail Run this was called a Mountain Challenge for a reason. First up on the list was the Jonkershoek Mountain Challenge Lite. Being my first year at doing the longer distances, … Read More

Race: Dirtopia Trail Run Challenge

I love challenges and setting goals. I am doing the Mountain Challenge Series this month and next weekend is the first one, JMC Lite which is 24km of about 1100m elevation and I thought I would try the 25km at the Dirtopia Trail Run Challenge to see how I would handle the longer distance on the trail. I could have opted for the shorter distances to recover better for next week, but me being me, it’s just not me. This … Read More

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