Being Real :: Kick In The Ass

So the last 3 or 2 weeks have not been the best for me running or personal wise. I have been in a negative space and I am not sure why. It could be that time of the year or the fact I didn’t get to certain goals I wanted to achieve for the year but alas, I got out of that space the last week thanks to some amazing people who has given me a “kick in the ass”. … Read More

Southey Vines MTB Trails :: First ride in a while

Was supposed to go running today but decided Monday that I need to get on the bike too. Used to hit Southey Vines MTB Trail every Wednesday but then stopped going for some reason. Here is just a timelapsed video of a loop around the trail park with me in front!

Helderberg Farm Deck Run :: Celebration

Last Monday of November and it was a run up to the Deck. Because December is coming up and it’s holiday season it was decided to just have some champagne and beers afterward to celebrate the year of our little group! Here is to 2018 and many more adventures on our Monday night group!

40th BlueBoost Winelands Marathon :: QUALIFIED FOR ULTRA

About 2 months ago I decided to add the Two Oceans Ultra Marathon to the list of runs for next year. In order to do that you need to do a sub 5 hour marathon to qualify and I chose the BlueBoost Winelands Marathon as a qualifier. It’s not the flatest races out there but I decided to rather qualify and not have to worry about it next year just in case. This was by far the most challenging and … Read More

KFM Gun Run 2017 :: Breaking PRs

Not the best video, lots of the footage came out horrible with camera angles and just was focused on the run rather than holding the camera. anyhoooo
KFM Gun Run was only my second half marathon of the year.… Read More

Marloth Mountain Challenge Extreme 2017

I did something different. I spoke to the camera. Did a video of the epic weekend at the Marloth Mountain Challenge Extreme race in Swellendam. Tried to capture a lot of the experience without it being too long and I really hope you guys like it.

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