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Supported Charity: SPCA

From gamer to runner, I never thought I’d see myself running, ever. Running has changed me in so many ways. from my outlook on life to looking after my own health to inspiring others to make better choices.

Ever since I started running back in 2015, I have never looked back and since then have strived be fitter mentally and physically. From a 35min parkrun to 22min, I push and train to reach the potential that is still somewhere hidden inside. I am always pushing myself to break PBs both personally and Strava segments! It motivates me to know that I have not reached my fullest potential.

My goals are to eventually to do ultras while still being able to do the shorter events on both road and trail.

I enter lots of events because I love running and get to meet so many people. I am a social media junky. One thing I am working on is creating more video and blog content. I want to be able talk about my training, upcoming events, gear, documenting events, hikes and trails.

Personal Bests:

Marathon: 4:13:17 (Sanlam Cape Town Marathon; Cape Town – 09/2016)

Half Marathon: 1:47:07 (Two Oceans Half Marathon; Cape Town – 15/04/2017)

12km: 59:11 (FNB 12 One Run, Cape Town – 15/05/2016)

Unofficial on Strava:

Marathon: 4:11:50

Half Marathon: 1:46:21

10km: 46:44

5km: 22:13


Highlights from the past year:


  • Completed the Wildrunner Mountain Challenge Series Lite – 2016
  • Completed first Marathon – Sanlam Cape Town Marathon – 2016
  • Going from a 2:18 Half Marathon to a 1:47 Half Marathon.



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