So it’s been 5 days since my last run and I am really getting some FOMO.
This flu is just not shaking off but I have the energy of a puppy dog!!!… Read More

Not much running :: Toe Injury

Monday was Helderberg Farm Run.
Was supposed to give an update on what Tuesday held but never got around to videoing it! Will update that later.… Read More

Two Oceans Ultra Marathon Training Week 1.2 :: HOT HOT HOT

Session 2 and 3 did not go as planned.
With temperatures sitting at 36 degrees celsius it proved challenging. Even the ice cold water got too hot to drink half way through session 2.
Decided to move the time trial session to Saturday’s parkrun and then do a long run session on Sunday.… Read More

Wannabees MTB Fun :: Longest Ride

Reme took me for a tour around some of the trails in the Wannabees MTB Trail. Needless to say this was my longest ride and I enjoyed it very much! The gnarly single track sections I left out of this video as they are long. Will upload them all at some stage.

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