RACE: Dirtopia Change of Season Trail Run

Waking up for the Dirtopia Change of Season Trail Run this morning was a bit of a mission. It was cold and misty and the bed seemed to be the best spot. Thank goodness the event was just down the road, about a 10 minute drive, which meant we could leave a little bit later than usual, but they were expecting a lot more people there as it was being hosted at a new wine farm so leaving a bit … Read More


The FNB Cape Town 12 ONERUN was the next race on the calendar. Even though I entered it last year already, I had no expectations back then as to what I was expecting. With my pace getting a tad faster over the last couple of months, that sub 1 hour for the 12km road race was definitely on my mind! I had a 12km run on Friday night to see if I could keep up the pace but had to … Read More

RACE: STF Bartinney2Bartinney Extreme

STF Bartinney2Bartinney is one of those trail runs where you need to rock up prepared. I for one was not prepared as much as I thought I was. Gym on Wednesday killed my legs and I felt it today. Rookie mistake for not checking out the profile before the week’s gym sessions. Saturday my legs were still fragile and I even went to parkrun to see if maybe giving them some stretches would help and it worked, or so I … Read More

Race: Helderberg Mountain Challenge Lite

Helderberg Mountain Challenge Lite, the second race in the Mountain Challenge Series. Previously I was nervous, could not sleep and was checking my kit constantly the night before the JMC lite. This time around I knew what to expect and was not even phased about it. Probably because it was only 15km and it was basically the same elevation as the JMC lite. Saturday morning I got dressed, packed the kit and off I went. It was only a couple … Read More

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